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Featured in UK magazine Spirit & Destiny 2021/12

I had the pleasure to be featured in UK magazine Spirit & Destiny in December last year. I love sharing about my health journey and the guidance I receive daily from my spirit guides. If you have read the article you know that my guides showed me different holistic modalities on how to go about disease. It was an incredible journey and I have grown so much as a person during these last three years.

I'm now being pushed forward to help others who are going through similar adversities or challenges in their lives. We all have spirit guides who are guiding us daily and sending signs but since many of us are living hectic lives, it is difficult for us to listen or notice. When you become more aware, you will start noticing which signs that are recurring in your life.

The signs can come in different forms, as numbers, feathers, animals, visions, dreams and so forth. When you ask your guides for guidance, they will start working with you. I would recommend you to have a journal only for your experiences with your guides. This way you will see progress. The key is to ASK. They can not interfere otherwise since we have free will.

When connecting, ask your guides from the highest vibration of love and light to start connecting with you and be patient. Pay attention every day and write down any experiences or signs in your journal. Write down what these signs mean to you. This way, you start using your intuition.

In the end of September I will be featured in the Swedish magazine, Tidningen Nära. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the article that was written by the wonderful Swedish journalist, Jeanette Lindstammer. My wish is that many more will start connecting with their spirit guides on a daily basis. It can be such a magical journey if you let it. It can be practical too! My life transformed in an incredible way and I am thankful every day.

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